Google Adwords Optimization

Adwords help to market products and services on the Google search engine or other affiliated sites through ads that appear as sponsored links.

They are one of the marketing options developed by Google through, which you can gain the attention of prospective clients and encourage them to visit your website. Optimum usage of Google Adwords would help you to get maximum ROI with minimal investment. Our expertise provides you the edge in mitigating the costs involved in placing the Adwords and gaining the maximum traction from the customers.

Google Adwords follow a “Pay per Click” system, which allows you to place an Ad so that the customers can click the same and be directed to your site. You can determine the positioning and placement of the Ad. However, you would only be charged if anyone clicks on the Ad, hence “Pay per Click”. Ampexcel Technologies can help you with the creation as well as the placing of the Ad. We analyze the searches and the online activity of your potential target customers and place the Ads such that there are high chances of the customer clicking on the Ad.

The content of the advertisement also plays a crucial role in grabbing the attention of the online user. In general, the Ad consists of a title along with a couple of descriptions of the products and services you offer. We can place a hyperlink that would direct the user to your landing page or other reference pages. You can determine on which page the Ad needs to appear. The pricing would change based on the placement of the Ad. Apart from the placement, you can also opt for deciding the position of the Ad on a particular page. The positioning of the Ad on the initial Google search results is directly proportional to the amount that you are bidding. Our expert would help you to find the right combination between the amount you intend to spend and the most optimum placement option of the Ad.

Benefits of Google Adwords

Why should a business opt for Google Adwords?

What advantages do they provide in marketing your business?

Well, you might be wondering over these questions. The answer is that Adwords help in getting a more targeted audience to your website when compared to the visitors who come through an organic search. There are various kinds of people who browse the internet for varied purposes. Not all of them would be inclined to enlist your products or services. Most of the audiences visit your website through the search engine and looking out for information. The caches are less that these information seekers would convert into potential customers who subscribe to your product or services. On contrary, those responding to an Ad are attracted because of a specific feature that you are highlighting in the Ad and therefore are most likely to convert into a customer. Therefore, you would get an intended and relevant audience through Google Adwords.

Wondering how to go about with Google Adwords?


  • We strategize, set up, and manage the Adword campaigns for you.
  • In case you already have an Adword campaign, we can review the same and make the necessary changes so that it can work more effectively.
  • We regularly monitor the process and provide you with regular reporting. Based on the mutual discussion, our expert will make changes to the Adword campaign as needed.
  • Our focus is to optimize the investment that you make by increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR). We achieve this by developing customized leading pages and effective use of Adwords.
  • Our experts can further help you with identifying Adwords with lower CPC (Cost for every Click), which will help you with the desired results at a lower cost.

By subscribing to our professional services for Google Adwords, you would be able to gain an advantage over your competitors. As we help you to determine an Adword campaign that is relevant, direct, and reaches out to the target audience effectively.

Apart from Google Adwords, we also provide services in placing Ads on other Search Engines like Bing. We have experts who specialize in Google Adwords as well as Bing Ads so that you have varied options to choose from while subscribing to these services.

At Ampexcel Technologies, start-up dreams are turning to reality, and established businesses are touching great heights!