Mobile App Development

The world is rapidly moving onto mobile platforms. Majority of People prefer to get things done on the go, and mobile device has become the perfect platform for businesses to reach out to the customers.

Various mobile applications now define the way things are being done.
If you do not want to be left behind, reach out to Ampexcel Technologies, and we would help you to develop a mobile application that custom fits your requirement.

One of the main reasons that you can trust us with developing the right mobile application, the established processes that we have, which ensure that we deliver optimum and high-quality mobile applications as per your specification.



Identifying the need: We at Ampexcel Technologies invest our efforts and resources in understanding the nature of your requirement and analyzing the best feasible solution that can be developed for your business. Our team would interact with you and understand your business goals, the purpose a mobile application needs to meet the requirements to create an application, etc. The needs of the current and potential customers, is also a key input.

Planning and initial development:-Once the necessary information is procured, our developers create a plan to develop the mobile application. Various variants are developed, which would be a reflection of the specifications highlighted. It helps to ascertain the feasibility of developing a mobile application.

Testing and deployment: We have a team of professionals who have expertise on various mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. Once the testing is completed, the necessary attainments are made to reply to the application.

Application finalization: Once the application is developed, the app is released onto the stores of various platforms (App Store, Play Store ), etc.

Analysis and post-development: Once the App is live, we track the feedback of the users as well as the performance of the application. Based on these, we would make the necessary improvements to the app. We run this consistently to ensure that the app is optimized and your users have a better experience.


Ampexcel Technologies has the resources and experience to develop and deploy mobile apps Customization as per the specifications provided by you

Use of multiple platforms to develop and deploy the app for better optimization

Regular interaction during the development of the application

Post-deployment support

Quicker TAT on responses and resolutions
Contact us today, our experts will be interested to know your requirement and initiate the journey of developing a mobile application as per your specific needs.