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Want to have more visibility online and reach out to more people?

Need to rank higher in Search Engine listings?

Search Engine Optimization is the solution. At Ampexcel Technologies, the focus is on developing dynamic and attractive websites and ensuring that they are optimized to rank higher in the searches on various search engines.

Our SEO services would help to target a specific local area and enhance your online presence so that you can reach out to prospective clients who are searching for the products and services offered by you. We are one of the leading local SEO service providers with a proven record of assisting various clients and getting a higher rank in the search engine listings.

SEO services provided by us would help to organically increase your online presence and help to drive traffic to your website. You can gain an advantage in the online market space through SEO, and there are various benefits that you can get:

  • Gain a higher ROI when compared to other usual ads.
  • Ensure that your website stands out among the millions of websites online.
  • Rank higher on the search engine lists. Research shows that nearly 60% of the clicks go to the search result on top.
  • The overall traffic to your website can be increased. More traffic would mean more potential customers.
  • The SEO activity is not a one-time activity, and the optimization has a permanent positive effect that can be regularly enhanced.
  • SEO is more advantageous than having paid traffic.
  • Ranking higher would increase the credibility of your brand.


We have developed and enhanced our processes over the years. There are certain basics keys that we base our processes upon, which ensure that we deliver consistent results to all our clients.

  • Focus on increasing revenue from organic searches
  • Increase your ROI on the SEO investment made by you.
  • Boost the traffic organically
  • Increase the visibility of your business site, thereby your business.
  • Consistent and genuine practices that increase the traffic and boost the conversions of the business leads.



  • Analysis of the keywords and identifying suitable ones for your business.
  • Assigning the keywords
  • Optimization of on-site code
  • Optimizing the on-site internal links
  • External linking
  • Providing advanced SEO services.



  • Analysis of the keywords and identifying suitable ones for your business.
  • Assigning the keywords
  • Optimization of on-site code
  • Optimizing the on-site internal links
  • External linking
  • Providing advanced SEO services.


Ampexcel Technologies offers distinct services that have your interests as the central focus.

  • We are accountable for all the services being provided. You have an option to cancel our services at any given point in time.
  • All our practices comply with standards set by Google and other search engines.
  • Our expertise over the years helps to build quality links that organically optimize your website to rank higher.
  • We offer guaranteed results based on the keywords advised by our team of experts.
  • You can directly coordinate with our SEO experts providing you with transparency and saving time for unwanted hassles.
  • Our focus is not only to increase the traffic but to provide quality and relevant leads.



Targeted Keywords enhance the prospects of your website to appear higher on the search engine results. Our focus is to identify the relevant keywords for your business.

  • We analyze the various keywords and identify the ones, which are popularly searched and are relevant to your business.
  • Various factors like average monthly search, competition for a particular keyword, bid data, market value, etc. are considered to arrive at the optimum keywords.
  • Align the keyword with the content and integrate them effectively.
  • Analyze the competitor’s usage of keywords in relevance to the ones used by you.
  • Constant evaluation and update of the strategy in using the keywords.


Our On-page SEO services focus on optimizing the web pages so that they appear higher on the search rankings.


  • Reviewing the Meta Description of your page and optimizing it with the relevant content
  • Identifying the suitable Page Title. A relevant page title helps in generating organic results for your website.
  • Expert review and audit of the content and optimizing it on a periodical basis.
  • Review the images and update relevant images that rank higher.
  • Create internal links
  • Enhance the website speed.



Off-Page SEO focuses on enhancing the position of your website in SERPs (Search engine results page).

We use various promotional methods to increase the viability of your website beyond the website design.

  • Link building
  • Developing Blog content
  • Video SEO

All the activity is done based on the consultations with you. We emphasize understanding your business and clients, which would provide us with the information to develop customized SEO solutions for you.

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